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Charlotte's trip - Africa's gift

This Page has been written by Charlotte, Amber and Mason.

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Charlotte's Trip to Africa - Africa's Gift

What this is about.

The idea of this page is to share  information about Charlotte going to Africa to work with Africa's gift on planting trees, distributing WonderBags and building keyhole gardens. Charlotte will also be telling the families how the WonderBag works!


How does the WonderBag work?

The WonderBag is a much better source for cooking as it is more efficient for fuel saving and it is much better for people cooking food. When they (women) have been cooking food for long periods, the smoke effects their lungs and  leads to health problems . The WonderBag will change how they cook.


Why am I helping the community?

The community has had a massive impact on things like the eco system and how people live (as their lifestyle). I also want to try and help the community because of the fact that people are poor and have nothing to live with. We have everything that we could desire in our lives but in their lives nothing is to be seen. Its about sharing kindness and making a difference.