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Class 2: Mrs Walker

Welcome to Class 2

Class teacher - Mrs Walker

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Clay and Miss Edwards.





Two of our caterpillars have hatched over the Easter holidays and are ready to be released! 

Picture 1

Spring/Down at the farm


Spring has sprung in Class 2!  Over the next few weeks we will be looking for signs of spring alongside our topic 'Down at the Farm'.

Our trip to Wigfield Farm

We had a great day at Wigfield Farm.  We loved getting so close to the animals and learning so much about them. 


Our class caterpillars!  Meet Rosie, CJ, Greedy Chops, Kevin and Joe otherwise known as 'The Class 2 Caterpillars!'   They have come to live with us for a while until they turn into beautiful butterflies when we will set them free!  The children have named them and have been keeping a close eye on them as they change.  We can't believe how big they have grown already!

Caterpillar watch!

Fantastic research homework!

Fantastic research homework! 1
Fantastic research homework! 2
Fantastic research homework! 3
Fantastic research homework! 4


We have been learning about Hinduism and special places of worship.  We have found out that the religion originated in India over 4000 years ago.  We have learnt about traditional Hindu clothing and have tasted some Indian food.  We have also found out about the festival of Holi which marks the beginning of Spring.  In celebration of this festival, Hindus cover each other with powdered paint.  We had great fun covering Mrs Clay with paint when learning about this!

Celebrating Holi - painting Mrs Clay!

World Book Day

We enjoyed world book day.  Everybody looked fantastic in their costumes!

Once upon a time


For this topic we have been reading lots of traditional tales.  We have retold the stories of The Gingerbread Man, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Jack and the Beanstalk and we wrote a simple play script for Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  We have been investigating materials, finding out how strong and waterproof they are and how they change, for example, when we made gingerbread biscuits.


Our new topic is Winter.  We are learning about the changes in the weather during winter and how some animals cope with the change.  We have enjoyed getting messy making pine cone bird feeders to help feed the birds in our wildlife area and school grounds.smiley

A Christmas Visitor!

Look who came to see us in class!  We were very excited to see Father Christmas and he brought along some gifts for our role play area.  Thank you Santa!

Picture 1
Picture 2

Jurrasic Park

We began this half term with our topic all about dinosaurs.  We have learnt about some of the dinosaurs that existed and about simple food chains.  We enjoyed making dinosaur fossils.  We have been reading non-fiction texts about dinosaurs and invented our own dinosaur which we then wrote about. 

Making fossils!

ICT skills

We put our ICT skills to good use when we used the iPads to create own own, imaginary dinosaurs.  Below are just some of the dinosaurs that we created.  We then wrote about these dinosaurs in Literacy.

Creating our own dinosaurs

Creating our own dinosaurs 1
Creating our own dinosaurs 2
Creating our own dinosaurs 3
Creating our own dinosaurs 4
Creating our own dinosaurs 5
Creating our own dinosaurs 6
Creating our own dinosaurs 7
Creating our own dinosaurs 8
Creating our own dinosaurs 9
Creating our own dinosaurs 10
Creating our own dinosaurs 11
Creating our own dinosaurs 12
Creating our own dinosaurs 13
Creating our own dinosaurs 14
Creating our own dinosaurs 15
Creating our own dinosaurs 16
Creating our own dinosaurs 17
Creating our own dinosaurs 18
Creating our own dinosaurs 19
Creating our own dinosaurs 20


We have been learning about the changes that happen during autumn.  We went for a walk in the school grounds and looked for signs of autumn.  We had great fun collecting different coloured leaves.  We have also created some 'transient' art based on the book 'Leaf Man' by Lois Ehlert using some autumn themed objects. 

Autumn art work

My Family 

Our first topic this term is 'My Family'.  As part of this topic we will...


  • look at our own families and how they are similar and different. 
  • talk about our homes and houses and how they have changed from homes in the past.
  • Explore how we have changed and grown over time.
  • Create self-portraits using paint colours mixed by ourselves.


Our self portraits

We have been creating our self portraits.  We have used collage materials and we have also been experimenting with colour mixing to create our skin tones from paint.


This term we have been working hard on counting forwards and backwards and understanding the value of numbers.  We have been practising writing our numbers correctly and have looked at number bonds for numbers up to 10.  This means the different ways that you can make a number e.g. 3 can be made from 3+0 and 2+1.  We have also been adding and subtracting single digits.

PE - Physical Education

Our PE days are -

Monday (am) - Indoor PE

Friday (pm) - outdoor PE

Please make sure that all kit is named.  All of the children in Class 2 will need indoor and outdoor PE kit.  With the cooler weather creeping in, please ensure that their outdoor kit is in school. 


Outdoor PE

We have been practising our athletic skills.  We have also been working on following simple instructions for team games.

Outdoor PE

Indoor PE

We have been developing our gymnastic skills in PE.  We know that balance, strength and flexibility are very important in gymnastics.  We have loved using the apparatus to show how well we can balance.

Learning outdoors!

We have loved using our new outdoor area.  We get outside as often as possible so please make sure you have a coat (with a hood) to keep us warm and dry on those cold drizzly days.

Learning outdoors