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Class 4: Miss Lewis

Welcome to Class 4!


We are a class of 30 enthusiastic, hardworking children who love to learn! Our teacher is Miss Lewis, our teaching assistant is Mrs Hayes and this year we are very lucky to have Miss Vickers join us too!

Phoebe and Miss Lewis conquered their spider fears together!

Class 4 have some very brave children and a brave TA!

Class 4 have some very brave children and a brave TA! 1
Class 4 have some very brave children and a brave TA! 2
Class 4 have some very brave children and a brave TA! 3
Class 4 have some very brave children and a brave TA! 4

We met the 'princess' rats: Cinderella, Ariel and Belle

We all had a hold or stroke of Annie the snake!

Animal Antics!


We kicked started our Animal Antics Science week off with a fantastic visit from Animals In-tuition! It was amazing! Mags, the lady who looks after the animals, brought in a snake, rats, chickens, rabbits, cockroaches, a frog, a stick insect, a scorpion, snails and a tarantula! We were all very brave and had a go at holding a few of the animals!



We have been learning all about symmetry and reflection in Maths. We are able to reflect shapes and patterns through a horizontal and vertical mirror line and check our work with a mirror. Some of us can reflect patterns and shapes through diagonal mirror lines too! We have also created our own symmetrical pictures. What do you think?

Class 4's Spectacular show

of The little red riding hood!!


We are so proud of Class 4 for all their hard work during our puppet show performance and rehearsals. They are all absolute superstars! Well done!! A huge thank you as well to all of the parents and relatives who came to watch us perform this afternoon. What a wonderful turn out - we couldn't do what we do without your support!

Our incredible sewing skills!

Making music! We have had lots of fun creating and performing musical patterns using 'Frog', 'Tadpole' and rest bars.

Den Day for Save the Children!



This week, the whole school is taking part in 'Den Days' for Save the Children. Along with some fantastic family helpers, Class 4 and Class 9 got together in teams of 15 to create a den out of the materials available. Their challenge was to create a den which all of their team, including their parents helpers could fit in. The walls had to reach the floor and it had to be strong enough to withstand the huff and puff of the 'Big Bad Wolf'.  The teamwork that they demonstrated was fantastic along with some great ideas. Thank to all the parents, aunties, uncles, grandparents who contributed equipment and/or helped out on the day! You were  all fantastic! :)

More Abbey House Photos :)

Abbey House Trip



Class 4 had a fantastic trip at Abbey House museum learning all about old and new toys. We had an interesting workshop learning all about old toys and even got to play with some! Then we explored the museum! There were lots of toys for us to see and use. We loved the dolls houses and the garage. After lunch, we were all very excited to visit the shop! We all bought our own souvenir of the day. Then to explored the Victorian Street and dressed up in Victorian clothes. Some of us were rich Victorians and some of us were poor Victorians. Finally we each got an old penny and had a go at some of the games in the arcade! Phew was a jam-packed day! It was really fun!  

Our letter from Disney & Pixar Animation Studios!

Our letter from Disney & Pixar Animation Studios! 1

Class 4 were extremely excited to find a posted letter in the classroom after dinner. When we opened it, we found it was from Disney & Pixar Animation Studios - it had come all the way from America! John Lasseter, the Chief Creative Officer at Pixar, needs our help to create a new character for Cars 3! We've had a really busy afternoon planning our characters (we've had some incredible ideas!) and we're looking forward to creating them for John on Wednesday next week.

Guiding our friends through our Tunnel stories!

We have been writing fantasy stories for the past few weeks, and on Monday we went out into the sunshine to find "story leaves" to inspire the end of our stories. We had a fantastic time doing our creative writing outdoors!

Parents afternoon! What an absolutely overwhelming response! We really enjoyed it - thank you to everyone who came to visit us in Class 4!

Our amazing KS1 dancing superstars who came second!

Our amazing KS1 dancing superstars who came second! 1
Our amazing KS1 dancing superstars who came second! 2

We really enjoyed sharing our favourite toys!

A few pictures of our class from the Easter bonnet parade! Don't they look fantastic :)

We really enjoyed our Olympic sports morning! We were tired out afterwards though! :)

We loved using an app on our i-pads to develop our problem solving skills

Check out this AMAZING explanation text about how a plant grows! :)

Check out this AMAZING explanation text about how a plant grows! :) 1
Check out this AMAZING explanation text about how a plant grows! :) 2
Check out this AMAZING explanation text about how a plant grows! :) 3

Tower challenge!


We had to work together in teams of three to create the tallest tower we could out of just 12 marshmallows and spaghetti. We discussed how we could do it before we started and thought about any problems we might have. We had to try to work out how to keep it upright if it kept falling over and how to make it tall and strong. Miss Lewis was most impressed with groups who didn't give up and tried again!

Science Day 14: We measured and recorded how much our plants had grown and started to talk about why they have grown differently.

At the moment, we are learning about 3D shapes. This is something we find quite tricky! We went on a shape hunt to find real-life examples of 3D shapes and then we had to name the shapes shown in the pictures we found!

We have been doing some more planting! This time, we have been planting flower seeds in our planter with Mrs Hayes!

Van Gogh artwork


We have been learning all about Vincent Van Gogh. We looked at lots of his paintings including his sunflowers paintings. We created our own 'Van Gogh' inspired paintings by doing observational drawings of different flowers then used oil pastels and watercolours to paint them.  Don't they look fantastic! :)

We had to work out what 2D shape was being described in maths. We used mathematical language in our descriptions.

Some of us have been busy planting some daffodils in our planter with Mrs Hayes!

Science Day 7: we have been recording if and how much our beans have grown so far!

Comic Relief! 'Funny for money!'

Nature Week


We are learning all about nature this week! We are currently investigating whether plants need light and water to grow.  We have planted some beans and are growing them under different conditions to see whether they will grow or not. Some beans have light, some have water, some have none and some have both. Which ones do you think will grow the best?


We planted our own cressheads! I wonder whose cress hair will grow the most?

We planted our own cressheads! I wonder whose cress hair will grow the most? 1


Class 4 looked absolutely fantastic dressed up as some of their favourite characters on World Book Day! Even Miss Lewis and Mrs Hayes got dressed up! We read some books to our reading buddies in Class 7. They asked us lots of questions about what we read and helped us with our reading! It was lots of fun!

Welsh Day



On 2nd March, Class 4 took part in a themed Welsh day! All the children came to school dressed in red or green and all the activities throughout that day were 'Welsh' themed.  We wrote some dragon descriptions in Literacy and tried to solve a daffodil investigation maths involving multiples. As well as this, we learnt a welsh song, made welsh cakes, made our own daffodil broaches, used atlases to find places in Wales, learnt some welsh words and learnt a welsh folk dance! Phew!

At the end of the day, we invited parents in so we could share our learning and perform our song and folk dance! It was fantastic! What a fun-filled and busy day :)


I have tried to upload the folk dance video but the file is too large.


We all created our own alien species  and labelled our aliens with reasons for their body parts. We then wrote amazing information texts all about where they live, what they eat and what they looked like. Come and have a look at our work on display!




Aliens! :)

Christopher Columbus


Another explorer that we looked at was Christopher Columbus. We enjoyed researching facts about him and creating our own posters. Did you know that he brought different foods back to Europe like potatoes and tomatoes? Did you know he thought he landed in India that's why he called the Native Americans Indians? Then we looked at his journeys across the Atlantic Ocean. We created our own maps of the world and learnt the names of the 7 continents and main oceans.


Space explorers!


We really enjoyed learning all about space exploration! We learnt all about Neil Armstrong and the first moon landing. We acted out going to space in a rocket then wrote diaries of our journeys to the moon. We learnt the names and order of the planets and even learnt a little rhyme to help us remember them:

My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming.. Planets!

Our homework projects were fantastic - Miss Lewis was very impressed! :)



Very proud teams with their amazing finished baby mats! :)

Making Baby mats for Baby Daisy!


Last week, Class 4 had two special visitors, Mrs Town and baby Daisy! We asked lots of questions so we could find out what things Daisy liked as we are going to make a baby mat for Daisy. After that, we evaluated different baby mats and judged the materials, design, shape and toys. Thinking about what Daisy likes, we have all designed our own baby mats and are going to make them very soon! Mrs Town is going to choose the one which she thinks Daisy would like the best when we are finished!



Baby Daisy visits Class 4

Challenge Beebot!


We really enjoyed our ICT topic all about Beebots! We learnt how to follow and create an algorithm so that a beebot followed the right route. We were able to debug algorithms and work out where they went wrong. It was very exciting when we used the Ipads for the first time!!  



During our shape apply week, we really enjoyed our 2D and 3D investigations! A naughty 3D shape had stolen Miss Lunn's lunch and we had to work out which one by thinking about the properties of 3D shapes!

When it was Children in Need, we investigated how many ways we could decorate Pudsey bear's bandage using 2D shapes. There was only one rule, we had to make sure the total number of sides of the shapes added up to 15. We found lots of different ways to do it and had lots of fun too!

Complete Athlete


During Science week, we learnt all about what we need to do to keep healthy. We looked at how humans change as they grow older, learnt about the different food types which helped us design our own healthy, balanced meal and timed ourselves carrying out some simple exercises in PE! Phew!!


We also made some delicious fruit kebabs with Mrs Hayes and wrote some superb instructions about how to make them!

We really enjoyed our trip to the National Coal Mining Museum.  We learnt all about life down the mine and what it was like to be a child miner. We were all very brave and even went down into a real mine, it was very dark!!

This is Yorkshire!


During our This is Yorkshire topic, we learnt all about our local area! We walked into Darton and took photographs of the places we saw. We then created our own photo maps and 'real' maps using ordance survey symbols of the local area.