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Class 5: Miss Allen

Amazing homework

Amazing homework 1

Interactive maths activity

Interactive maths activity 1
Interactive maths activity 2
Interactive maths activity 3
Interactive maths activity 4
Interactive maths activity 5
Interactive maths activity 6
Interactive maths activity 7
Interactive maths activity 8
Interactive maths activity 9
Interactive maths activity 10
Interactive maths activity 11
Interactive maths activity 12

Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.

Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  1
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  2
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  3
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  4
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  5
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  6
Partner evaluations of writing in Class 5 this morning.  7

Physical Education In Class 5

Just a reminder that we have PE indoors on a Tuesday and outdoors on a Thursday. Please make sure your child has trainers in school for both sessions, just in case the weather changes, as it frequently does in the UK! 

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 1
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 2
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 3
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 4
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 5
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 6
Happy Birthday Your Majesty! 7
Class 5 designed a birthday cake for the Queen. They thought about all the things that she liked and enjoyed, looked at images and watched footage from the news. They then designed a cake. Some children even chose an orange drizzle cake- just the like the real cake!

Easter Parade

Easter Parade 1
Easter Parade 2
Easter Parade 3
Easter Parade 4
Easter Parade 5
Easter Parade 6
Easter Parade 7
Easter Parade 8
Easter Parade 9
Easter Parade 10
Easter Parade 11
Easter Parade 12
Easter Parade 13
Easter Parade 14
Easter Parade 15
Easter Parade 16
Easter Parade 17
Easter Parade 18
Easter Parade 19
Easter Parade 20
Easter Parade 21
Easter Parade 22
Easter Parade 23
Easter Parade 24
Easter Parade 25
Easter Parade 26
Easter Parade 27
Easter Parade 28
Easter Parade 29
Easter Parade 30
Easter Parade 31
The Easter Parade was a fabulous Day! We brought in decorated eggs and hats and showed them off to all the parents and friends at the end of the day in a huge parade around the playground. 

Recycling Machines

Recycling Machines 1
Recycling Machines 2
Recycling Machines 3
Recycling Machines 4
Recycling Machines 5
Recycling Machines 6
Recycling Machines 7
Recycling Machines 8
Recycling Machines 9
Recycling Machines 10
Recycling Machines 11
Recycling Machines 12
Recycling Machines 13
Recycling Machines 14
Recycling Machines 15
Recycling Machines 16
Recycling Machines 17
Recycling Machines 18
Recycling Machines 19
Recycling Machines 20
Recycling Machines 21
Recycling Machines 22
The Recycling Machine project helped us learn all about magnets. We had to design a machine that would sort metal materials from non-metal materials. We had to design our machine on paper first and plan our project, before creating them. We chose to use a range of materials and had to select the correct type of magnet. 

Class 5 visit Darton Church

Class 5 visit Darton Church 1
Class 5 visit Darton Church 2
Class 5 visit Darton Church 3
Class 5 visit Darton Church 4
Class 5 visit Darton Church 5
Class 5 visit Darton Church 6
Class 5 visit Darton Church 7
Class 5 visit Darton Church 8
Last week, we went to visit Darton Church. We met with Father Jonathan who helped us with our 'treasure hunt'. We found all the key features of the church and looked closely at the stained glass windows ready for us to design our own! 

Maths Games Madness


Class 5 have been busy learning their times tables. As part of their homework they had to design a game to help their friends learn their 3x table. We had a great maths lesson testing and evaluating the games!

Children in Need 2015

Children in Need 2015 1

Egyptian Death Masks

Egyptian Death Masks 1
Egyptian Death Masks 2
Egyptian Death Masks 3
Egyptian Death Masks 4
Egyptian Death Masks 5
Egyptian Death Masks 6
Egyptian Death Masks 7
Egyptian Death Masks 8
Egyptian Death Masks 9
Egyptian Death Masks 10
To help us learn all about how the Egyptians prepared their wealthy citizens for the Afterlife, Class 5 have been learning all about mummification and have made these death masks as the final part of the process. They have been made from salt dough, baked in the oven and then painted. We learned how to make templates and how to use tools to manipulate the dough to create our masterpieces. 

Autumn Curriculum Flyer

Egyptian Jewellery


On Wednesday 16th September, Class 5 opened it's door to parents and grandparents for the Curriculum Afternoon. The children and grown-ups had a fabulous afternoon designing and creating Egyptian Jewellery. Have a look at their amazing work. The all look like true Pharaohs! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21
Picture 22
Picture 23
Picture 24

Hieroglyphic code-breakers!

Hieroglyphic code-breakers! 1
Hieroglyphic code-breakers! 2
Hieroglyphic code-breakers! 3
Hieroglyphic code-breakers! 4
This afternoon Class 5 went onto the field for their Outdoor Learning/Forest School session. We linked it to our learning in Topic work about Egyptians. After a discussion about schools and writing using hieroglyphics, the children worked in pairs or small groups to code-break the secret words.

Class 5 Time to Shine

Class 5 Time to Shine 1
Class 5 Time to Shine 2
Class 5 Time to Shine 3
Class 5 Time to Shine 4
Class 5 Time to Shine 5
Class 5 Time to Shine 6
Class 5 Time to Shine 7

Welcome to Class 5


We have started the term off with big smiles, hard work and a 'can do' attitude! It has been a fun week of learning to tie shoe laces(tricky!), sharing our holiday excitement (funny!) and reading and writing huge numbers (awesome!).

We have even had our first hockey lesson with Mr Hayes. It was a little bit rainy but we braved the weather and learned new skills, played games and ran all around the MUGA.

Have a look at the photos taken by our very own ipad whizz-  DHR.

Hockey Heroes

Hockey Heroes 1
Hockey Heroes 2
Hockey Heroes 3
Hockey Heroes 4
Hockey Heroes 5
Hockey Heroes 6