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Class 5: Mrs Randall and Mrs Walker


Here you will find information and pictures from just some of the exciting things we do in our wonderful class.

Becoming Ancient Egyptian Mummies!

Making a time machine to travel back to Ancient Egypt!

Egyptian Hieroglyphics code breaking...

As part of the Egyptian theme we investigated hieroglyphics. We talked about e.g. how many there were (700) and how you know which way to read by the direction the animal hieroglyphics face in. We then had a go at reading some hieroglyphics in the classroom. The children’s challenge was then to use their code breakers hieroglyphic alphabet to break codes on the field. They had 10 codes to translate into English. They worked in pairs or small groups and tried to break the codes as quickly as possible.  After this activity, the children then wrote their names using hieroglyphics on papyrus paper. Great fun had by all smiley

Science Week

In Class 5 and 6 we were lucky enough to devote 2 full days last week entirely to science! We were learning about the skeleton and muscles through investigations, experiments, research and a talk by a biology expert. Tuesday was a carousel of 4 activities. The first was investigating the change to our pulse rates with different exercises, the second was to create our own exercise regimes to ensure we kept our bones and muscles strong, the third was investigating how strong our arm and leg muscles were and finally the fourth activity was listening to Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps talking about his diet and exercise regimes and recording facts. The day culminated with a talk by Irene Randall (a biology teacher) all about bones and their functions. We even looked at a real scapula and x-Rays!
The following day we created our own working models of the arm including the bones and muscles. We then used these to understand how important our bones and muscles are and how they work to make our body move. On Thursday we used our maths skills to record the data we collected in our pulse rate investigation and plotted them onto bar graphs. All in all a very fun filled science week! 

Enterprise Project

Enterprise Project 1
For the last couple of weeks Class 5 have been extremely busy researching, planning, designing and making products to sell at the Christmas Fayre. The children had to make a prototype per groups and then pitch their ideas as a team in a Dragons Den scenario. One of the designs was chosen and this then went into 'mass production' with the children preparing all of their resources and then making the product in a production line. The children have had full control of the project including budgets, prices, promotion and more! We are hoping to make a huge profit at the Christmas fayre tonight. Below are some photographs of the process - enjoy!


Production! 1

Magna trip-Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink Show took our children on a journey around the kitchen and opened up a world of science fun. It was a curious, messy, slimy world full of the materials and objects of everyday life.

The show aimed to motivate pupils to have a go, puzzle over problems and think through answers. Loads of interaction engaged them with ideas for science, at home or at school.

Many of the experiments used everyday materials, which are inexpensive, familiar to the pupils and might otherwise end up in the rubbish bin.

magna trip-rubbish adventure

A Rubbish Adventure focused on the science and engineering used to sort, separate and recycle all the useful stuff we throw into the black bin. It was a hands-on and great fun, as pupils take on a challenge, explore the technology behind a real waste recovery facility, and learn how we can make our lives more sustainable by being nice to rubbish!

Our "Rubbish" Adventure

Still image for this video
Here we see some of our students having loads of fun, while learning about recycling and saving the planet at Magna.

Magna Trip-Elemental Areas

The Elemental Areas consisted of Earth, Fire, Water and Air areas each showing a fantastic array of interesting, educational and fun exhibits. Most exhibits were hands-on and great fun for the pupils and even staff! We splashed in water, operated real JCBs in Earth, Watched a tornado made of fire and even Blew up a rock face!


On Wednesday the 6th of May, we held our Eurovision theme day. We had year 3 classes visit us from St Marys and Queens Road Academy. We had a fantastic day presenting the countries we had been researching and ended the day with a quiz which we took part in, in teams with children from the different schools. The children created their own imovies about our country Russia. No changes have been made to the videos as they are the children's own work (please excuse some spelling errors!) We hope you enjoy and learn some new facts too!

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Den Day Wednesday 3rd June 2015

We had a fantastic morning in the beautiful sunshine creating some spectacular constructions! Thank you to everyone who sent in materials for den building and to the parents who came to help.  The Children were set the challenge to build a shelter which the whole team could sit in, that would shelter them from the sun, wind and rain and that would keep them from getting cold, wet bottoms! Enjoy looking through the photographs smiley