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Class 7 would like to say a massive thank you to the parents that were able to make it to Den Day and the many contributions of biscuits and sweet treats that were donated. It was a glorious day, they built their dens and then used their imaginations to make up stories and games to use their dens. We had some fantastic team work and creativity from everyone involved. One team had a pet hamster in their den, others had chandeliers, outdoor swimming pools and others had the magic of Harry Potter, where the smallest looking den somehow managed to fit all of their team mates inside. Overall a successful day and just good old fashioned fun! Well done Class 7

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Drama with Class 7


This term Class 7 have been exploring mining, from the Victorian era to the strikes of the 1970s and 1980s and modern day mining. 

We must say a MASSIVE thank you to Mr Ingham who kindly came into school and was bravely interviewed by Class 7. 

They found out a wealth of knowledge about mining and were able to use the information in their writing. 


More recently we used the strikes of the 70s and 80s to write a balanced argument, the pupils were extremely sensible and wrote some exceptionally interesting pieces of work. 


This week we used an adapted script of Billy Elliott so the pupils had a great opportunity to explore script work, they then developed their improvisation and devising skills by creating a new scene. They then linked the two together with freeze frames. They created a final performance complete with music props and costume. The pupils were really professional and enjoyed playing different characters. 


We definitely have a few Drama Kings and Queens in this class!

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DINO-DAY at Darton Primary

What a fantastic start to the Summer term!

Today we had a visit from DINOSTAR. The children participated in a number of workshops to kick start our prehistoric topic about dinosaurs! 

Our first workshop was 'An introduction to Dinosaurs' where the children were able to get hands on and interact with dinosaur fossils and bones. We even saw a REAL dinosaur egg that had come all the way from China! The children were fascinated to see and touch a real bone from a Triceratops' leg, but the most impressive was the skull of an Allosaurus! It has over 40 razor sharp teeth that could easily rip through bone and muscle! Did you know that if a dinosaur damages or looses a tooth it could just grow a new one? Amazing!



How many words can you make from the name of this dinosaur?

The children were able to find out the following information about this dinosaur after our quick team game!


Its name is Greek for 'thick headed lizard'.

It has a domed head that is 25cm thick!

They have been found in the UK.

It is an omnivore, so it eats both plants and animals. 

It can grow 10ft high and up to 26ft in length

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In this session we learnt how to make fossil rubbings and made fossil moulds using plaster cast. 

Prehistoric Palaeontologists!

The children loved this part of the day! They became apprentice palaeontologists. Their job was to excavate the chocolate chips from the cookie without damaging or breaking it! They were not allowed to pick up or move the cookie as we imagined that these were real fossils stuck in the rock! Armed with their tools (a toothpick) they began, some managed to remove all their 'fossils' some were really careful ensuring all 'rock' had been removed and it was not damaged! 



''It was the best experience, I would love to do it again. I really enjoyed seeing the skull and the leg bone. I especially liked making the fossils!'' - C Slater

''I liked making the fossils'' - C Hunter

''When I made the fossil it was cool!'' - D Watson

''Today was cool, I liked the skull, it had about 40 teeth!'' - J Sturrock

''The best part was when we looked at the bones, fossils and egg'' - S Ingham

''The coolest thing in my opinion was the skull'' - E Tindall

''I loved the part where we got to touch the bones because it gave me an idea of how big dinosaurs can be!''N Luhrs

''I liked the video of how fossils are made, it was very interesting'' - H Jackson


Overall the children really enjoyed this experience and they gave the day 10/10!


If you would like to know more about dinosaurs, then you can visit Dinostar as they have their own museum in hull! We've been told they have lots more amazing dinosaurs including a T- Rex skull! 

See their website for more information: 





World Book Day- a fabulous day where the pages of literature really do come to life!

Darton Olympic Games


Class 7 and 8 have been learning about the Greeks and the Olympic games.

We finished our topic with an Olympic showdown between Athens and Sparta.

We ate Greek food - we made cucumber, tomato and feta skewers, we ate houmous, tzatziki and pitta bread as well as making our own delicious pudding using sweet pastry cases, Greek yoghurt and honey, sprinkled with biscuit!

Class 7 worked really hard on their Spartan flag, which looks absolutely amazing!

They all looked fabulous in their traditional Greek dress, some had even learnt Greek to share with the class!

Bread Factions- we cut up bread to order fractions from smallest to largest. The Children really enjoyed making fraction practically and it helped them to visualise the difference between fractions

Robin Wood, a few of children in our class

Maths Mondrian!


This term Class 7 have been working hard creating an interesting piece of geometric 3D artwork, inspired by Piet Mondrian.

The Class have been learning about the artist, looking at some of his earlier pieces of work. They then created their own pieces of art using masking tape and the Primary colours. To link with their Shape and Space scheme they created a net and then built these into 3D shapes.

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The Complete Athlete


Class 7 have been learning about how the heart works! So as an  extend piece of learning Class 7 were asked to create a model lung to show how we breathe in and out! Some of their creations worked fantastically! Some thought out of the box, but they still did the job all the same!


Well done Class 7!

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Enterprise Challenge


Class 7 have been set the challenge to create an over 60s exercise DVD.


Linking with their work in the Complete Athlete they have researched exercises that would be appropriate for people of the age of 60, and created a suitable exercise routine ready for filming!


They have created their own company and company logo, which was then professional designed ready for their DVD.


Check out their AWESOME designs below!



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