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Class 9: Miss Danaher

Welcome to Class 9!

Welcome to Class 9! 1

Welcome to class 9! Already this year, we have studied a range of different areas of the curriculum, such as digital photography. Using fotoflexer, we edited our snaps to produce a range of colourful and stylish images. Look out for our class shot …


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YEAR 6 LEAVERS POEM - Year 6 wrote a poem about their time at Darton Primary School

Class 9 have been extending their Heartstart training and have enjoyed learning about resuscitation.

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Having finished their SATs, year 6 were ready to celebrate, we are so proud of all their hard work and fantastic attitude.

After a disco in the morning they had a surprise visit from Sheffield Shark's basketballer Pat Horstmann who put them through their paces!

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Danger! Microbe alert! Throughout Nature Week Class 9 explored the mysterious world of microbes surrounding us, researching how infectious diseases spread. We experimented with growing fungi in a range of different conditions...

Class 9 basketballers visited a Sheffield Sharks Basketball match at the EIS to play other local schools before the game. They met the players and discovered some new talents - including commentating!

This spring, Class 9 became archaeologists, excavating the burial of a Romano-British boy, Esca, and exploring the impact of the Roman invasion on British culture. Writing his story with flashbacks to the invasion was fascinating. We made Roman shields, which are displayed here in the 'tortoise' formation which would protect soldiers from attack.

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During our Spring science theme, Rise of the Robots, Class 9 created children's toys with moving parts, sharing their ideas with parents during the science fair. Each robot used working circuits using lamps and motors.
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We particularly enjoyed designing and assembling the robots on TASC day (Thinking Actively in a Social Context.)

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Class 9 are starting the new year by writing their own Victorian inspired mystery story in daily instalments. Read on to discover the murky underworld of Victorian London.




The Mystery of Fleet Street

by Class 9


Chapter 1: the mystery begins...


Through the dim, foggy streets of London a hansom cab emerged through the thick, dense fog. The mid-October mist was crowding the streets as the lamp lighter trudged on his long journey. Without warning, the cab's door creaked open to reveal a slim silhouette outlined in the moonlight. The girl, for no doubt it was a girl, looked around, hesitating. Sally was tall and slender with unruly curls escaping from the edge of her velvet-trimmed bonnet. Who would have thought that this innocent figure was a secret assassin?

Chapter 2: Facing her Nemesis.


As Big Ben chimed for midnight, Sally slowly turned the rusty door handle. Sneaking past a guard who was snoozing in a chair by the door, she slipped into a large, dusty study to face her nemesis. Turning gradually to face her, an ancient man spoke. “It took you longer than I thought it would to find me!” wheezed the Baron, her father’s employer.

Chapter 3: A Fight to the Death!

Swooping left - swooping right, Sally hurtled towards the solid-oak trapdoor. Agonisingly slow seconds passed however they seemed like hours as she grasped the heavy handle. Using all of her mighty strength she wrenched the trapdoor open with a power she never knew she had...


"Sally... Sally!" a melancholic whimper of fear echoed down the long bleak tunnel. Sally knew it was her father.

The Class 9 elves have been in the workshop today making their Luminous Lanterns for the Christmas Fayre, watch this space for more information...
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Luminous Lanterns will be on sale at the Christmas Fayre on the 26th November. Place your order for this fabulous, handmade product while stocks last!

In our theme ‘A Taste of Britain’ we designed, created and organised our own music festival ‘Nine Fest.’ We explored a range of different geographical locations and applied for planning permission. Read our application, below.


Representing Scotland, we dusted off our dancing shoes and performed a traditional Scottish dance at the ‘Festival of Britain,’ hosted at Darton for other year 6 pupils studying this topic theme. Creating a Scottish themed menu allowed us to show our culinary flair to the other children.



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During our whole-school science week ‘The Complete Athlete,’ we have become experts on the human mind. Dissecting jelly brains allowed us to explore the functions of different areas and learning meditation led to our quietest lesson yet!

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