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Kakuma café made by MP & LW

Hello. We are delighted to run the Kakuma Café and we hope that this will make everyone a healthier and happier school. This is ran by the Year 5's in class 7 and 8. We are very lucky to have the Year 5's selling these amazing products!


Kakuma Cafe 2016-2017.


Hi we are the Kakuma Cafe and we are delighted to help people in Kenya to build new schools and homes for people to live happier in there lives. We have been selling products to raise money for the Kakuma charity.

Also Jane told us how far the Kakuma Cafe Project is getting on and so far it is up and running. Jane is correct and every penny counts in the Kakuma Fundraising Charity.

Here are your latest updates about Kakuma:





Kakuma Cafe 2015-2016


Hi we' re Kakuma Café and we would like to show you the progress we've made!  Kakuma is an extremely important project to do with letting the children in Kenya (who aren't as fortunate as us) get a good education.

Our school is supporting this project and trying to do everything we can to raise enough money. This  money will be used to build schools for the children.  With the help of Jane and her team as well as Darton community, we hope to raise lots of money. 

The most money we've raised in a week, £52, is a record breaker for us this school year. We think that's OUTSTANDING! We would love to give a massive thank you to everyone who has donated, we really appreciate it.  Please carry on donating. Every penny makes a difference.smiley






 Small  Raisins                                20p

Big Raisins                                      40p



Orange juice                                     50p

Apple  juice                                         50p




Yogurt pouches                             50p

fruit flakes                                        50p

Ice pops  (large)                             50p                                             ICE POPS WILL APPLY TO SUMMER WEATHER

ice pops (small)                               30p                                             ICE POPS WILL APPLY TO SUMMER WEATHER

Munchy seeds                                  40p


Rice cake bars                                50p


NOTE: We may not always have all the things in stock for the Kakuma café. Sorry for any inconvenience this makes.


We really do care about all the unfortunate people that live in Kenya with no resources to help them learn with or no roofs over their heads. Jane (Our Kakuma leader) said that Darton Primary School which is us, Is the most amazing primary school ever from raising the most amount of money in the whole UK. That is amazing! And we do not stop there. She also said that we have not stopped raising money. More than any other school! Please come to our café today to help raise money for the unfortunate children.

These are some of the logos we created with Jane on the 23rd November

This is us doing research with Jane and also doing an assembly infront of the school as well as showing off our kakuma cafe skills.

This is what we found of the poor childrens lives in Kenya on the internet

                 THANK YOU!


Thank you for helping the tuck shop for raising money to go over to Kenya and build new homes and schools for all the poor people that have hardly got any shelter. We really appreciate all the money that we are receiving and then being transferred over to Kenya. We thank you very much and will try to get the latest updates for the tuck shop products that we buy onto this page.




Class 8!