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*Please note that this webpage is run by Mason and Amber Class 9


Lincs 2 Nepal is our brand new charity that we are raising money for from our healthy school tuck shop. Our tuck shop is run by children in Class 8 and last year, we raised an astonishing amount of money for Kakuma. Jane who worked with us led us to success as we raised enough money to build multiple classrooms in Africa. Money for resources were sent to help those who needed it the most, and to help children receive an education.


Raising Money

This year 2017-18, our school has decided to support Lincs 2 Nepal with the money raised from the tuck shop. Supporting our new charity has been very inspiring to see how children in these countries cope, meanwhile we live our lives with everything we could ask for, and we get so carried away with all our belongings, we don't realise how lucky we are! In terms, we will try everything to do charitable, kind events and we are very proud of our school.


Events (and other charities that we support as a school)

During 2018, we will be hosting a number of events for this charity and many others such as:


  • Macmillan Cancer Research UK
  • Tickled Pink
  • Barnsley Football Foundation (Penalty Shoot Out Competition)
  • BBC Children In Need
  • Travelling Book Fayre(Raising Money For School Resources)
  • Bruce Dyer (Football Multi-skills)
  •  Red Nose Day


We offer support to give people a better chance in life, like we live our lives now. We believe everybody should be treated with equality, and everybody deserves the same amount of respect as we have to this day. Why? We get the majority of the things we want, so why not everybody?


Where does the money go?

Our school raises money for it to help other people in many conditions and situations. We raise the money so they can have a better future. For example, they are drinking dirty water with germs and bacteria in and we want to stop them from drinking that, and provide them with water pumps (to pump clean water). We also are trying our best to stop all miss-treated people of all ages. There was one time in Year 3 (2015) where me and Mason watched a video for red nose day about people being evicted from their homes by a tractor trespassing on their land, the little boy and his family were forced to pack their bags and live on deserted land! This needs to stop!


Tuck Shop Prices

* Please keep in mind that these items may change over time or come out of stock. Please also remember that you can only purchase one item per one day. Sorry for the inconvenience if necessary.




Juice Cartons




Cereal Bars


Fruit Flakes


Yoghurt Tubes