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Class 6 - Mrs Wright and Mrs Ward

American Explorers: Topic learning for home

Spring 2 - Wacky Races


This half term our topic is called Wacky Races! We will be learning all about forces and magnets in science, designing and creating our own wacky racing cars and learning how to use Microsoft office in computing. 


In Literacy we will be continuing to use our class book 'How to Train a Dragon' to inspire our writing. In maths we will be learning more about area and perimeter before moving on to fractions! 


Of course, we will be continuing to practice our times tables so we are all timestables rockstars by the end of the year. 



Our topic for the first half of spring is called 'Vicious Vikings'. We will be using our map skills to locate the countries that the Vikings travelled from and to, looking into key events, dates and people during the Viking times, including Alfred the Great, and improving our Microsoft Word skills.


In literacy, we will be looking at the Boy Who Cried Wolf linked to our school value of honesty and then writing our own fables. We will also be writing instruction texts for how to train a dragon based on the well-known novel.


In maths, we will be focussing on written methods for multiplication and division and length, perimeter and area.


Our topic for the second half of Autumn is called 'Wingardium Leviosa'. We will be designing our own coat of arms and then sewing them onto a tote bag, which we can sell at the Christmas fayre. We will also be improving our drawing skills in art and looking at a range of past musicians.


In literacy, we will be writing a twisted tale based on Cinderella linked to our author of the term, Hilary Robinson. We will also be looking at describing different settings from around Hogwarts and writing our own Harry Potter stories.


In maths, we will be focussing on addition, subtraction and multiplication. This includes using mental and formal written methods.

Image result for barnsley town hall


We are starting the year off with an exciting topic called 'Barnsley Builders'. We will be studying the human and physical features of Barnsley and designing our own buildings to add to the area.  It will also include looking at the history of Barnsley and presenting and sorting information using Microsoft Office.


In literacy, we will be writing our own travel brochures about Barnsley and then writing a persuasive speech to explain how our designs would have a positive impact on the local community.


In maths, we will be focussing on place value. This includes counting, partitioning, rounding, negative numbers and Roman numerals.



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