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Welcome to Class 8’s website! We are a hard-working class of mixed Year 5 and Year 6 children, taught by Mrs Smith and Mrs Hinchcliffe. We are so excited for the adventures that the next year brings, and will keep you up to date with everything happening in our class.


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Class 8 summer 2 homework grid

Medicine through time

Our topic this half-term is named ‘Medicine through time’. During this topic, the children in Classes 8 and 9 will cover History, Science, Art and Computing.


In history, children will learn about how medicine has changed from medieval times until now. They will learn about different medical treatments and key individuals who have influenced the medical world. Children will also learn about the events of The Plague, using their historical skills, including source analysis, to answer questions.


In science, children will study the human circulatory system. They will learn all about the heart and blood. Children will also learn about microorganisms and conduct experiments to develop their skills working scientifically.


In art, children will study the artist George Segal, who made sculptures out of the medical material Modroc. Children will then design and make their own sculptures of human body parts.


In computing, children will learn to present data electronically. They will present their scientific findings and historical findings using a variety of graphs and charts.

class 8 extended thinking homework for spring 2 & summer 1

class 8 extended thinking homework for spring 1

Vloggers of the World

Our topic this half-term is named ‘Vloggers of the World’. During this topic, the children in Class 8 will cover Geography, Science, D&T (specifically Food Technology) and Music.


In Geography, we will learn about line of latitude and longitude, as well as time zones, the equator and how we can find countries in our World. We will also complete a case study on two different countries from different continents, concentrating on vegetation, trade partners, imports and exports, biomes, climate and more. At the end of our topic, we will create a ‘Vlog’ detailing what we have learnt.


Our Science work will focus on how the Earth was formed and the shapre of the Earth. We will also learn about the planets and moons in the solar system and the way they move around the Earth and the Sun.


This half-term, our D&T focus will be Food Technology. We will learn about food from different countries, as well as cooking skills. We will cook (and taste!) different dishes from around the World.


We will listen to a variety of music from around the world, thinking about why that music is significant to particular countries, what it symbolises and how it makes us feel. We will also link this to dance.

Useful revision websites:


Times Table Rockstars - great for brushing up those times table skills and ensuring we can recall multiplication and division facts quickly -


IXL - IXL has some great revision questions for Maths and English. If you take a look on the Year 5/6 skills pages, you can select specific objectives to practice -


This website has some great 5-10 minutes ideas for spelling activities -


BBC Education has a whole host of activities for KS2 -


Spellzone also has some great spelling activities for many different rules across the curriculum -







Class 8 Extended Thinking Homework for autumn 2

Condover Hall Parent's information pack

Class 8 Extended Thinking homework for autumn 1

september/october - Year 6 girls Totally Runable

september - mindfulness - spiderman yoga

september - French feelings

September - Crime and Punishment - learning about Magistrates

September - Crime and Punishment - mock court

September - CSI Day - Class 8 solved the mystery of 'whodunnit' to find out which staff member trashed our trophy cabinet and stole Mr Hayes' trophy! We checked for chemical reactions, analysed fingerprints and completed chromatography experiments to find out who was the culprit.