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Foundation Subjects

Our approach to teaching the Foundation Subjects at Darton Primary School is through a thematic approach, making links between subjects and with books, literacy and maths where relevant. Objectives or subjects that do not make obvious links are taught discretely, whilst still building on prior knowledge and skills.


Objectives are sequenced so that vocabulary, knowledge and skills develop throughout the year and our subject specific progression documents show how vocabulary, knowledge and skills build throughout a child's journey at Darton Primary School. 


At the start of a unit of work or theme, teachers use quizzes and retrieval questions to check that children have retained prior vocabulary, knowledge and skills so that they can plan and teach appropriately. At the end of a unit of work or theme, teachers give pupils the opportunity to apply the vocabulary, knowledge and skills they have learnt. This allows them to analyse, compare and make connections, evaluate and critique ideas and create and investigate new and original work.


Where possible, we enrich our curriculum with wider opportunities, making links with the community and a range of other organisations. We run a variety of after school clubs so that children can experience many activities, focusing on the arts, sport and other life skills.