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Our Learning in Action

Our final half term theme is Adventure Time

This half term we are exploring change

Welly Walk Wednesday

Our Curriculum event

Spring Term Two Inspiration for Learning

Helicopter Story time

Raspberry buns

Our fabulous phonics workshop for our parents

Reading in our rocket

independent learning

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's starry night painting

exploring painting by bubble blowing...

Take at look at this half term's inspiration...

Welly Walk Wednesday. We learned how to play the traditional game of duck, duck, goose then we played it with a twist! We also built a mini-beast hotel...

Making Hedgehog bread! We explored the meaning of dough, kneading and proofing (proving)

Our hook for this half term...

It is beginning to look like Christmas...

We looked carefully at the characters the children would like to replicate. We sketched the outline and then added detail using a fine paint brush and poster paint. We concentrated on using gentle brush strokes...

We were inspired by Jackson Pollock. Look at how we created our very own splatter art...

Our inspiration for this half term...

Exploring shape, space and measures

music time

Inspired by our book of the week 'Pumpkin Soup'

Getting better at using cutlery

Running the mud kitchen

Enjoying our lunch

Lots of independent learning going on...

Learning how to use powder paints to create a self portrait