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Our approach to teaching Reading at Darton Primary School is through two main strands: ‘word reading and fluency’ and ‘comprehension’. We use a clear, progressive structure throughout school which builds upon prior learning as well as developing appropriate new skills. As pupils develop their ‘word reading and fluency’ and ‘comprehension’ skills over time, the balance and focus of these strands changes for age related priorities.

Word reading and fluency

Throughout Foundation Stage and KS1, there is a high emphasis on developing word reading and fluency skills.  Staff use echo reading strategies within sessions to model good reading. This builds confidence and familiarity with texts as well as helping develop pupils’ fluency skills such as pace, expression, pausing and intonation.

Across school, staff use the Darton word progression document to ensure that all pupils are able to fluently and automatically read their age-related key words.  These words are taught during reading sessions and are repeatedly covered over the course of the year.



Comprehension skills are split into eight separate types which link to the end of key stage content domains and national curriculum objectives. The eight comprehension skills are:



Each comprehension skill is represented by an owl who has relevant reading abilities relating to their skill.  Across school, our current key comprehension skills are Vocabulary, Retrieval and Inference.


Reading is taught daily across school for appropriately 30-45 minutes. KS1 teach through the use of a carousel approach whereas KS2 use a whole class reading approach. 


Relevant documents attached below are:

  • Darton Reading Policy 2020-2021
  • VIPERSOC Owls and relevant owl skills 
  • Word reading progression document 2020-2021 
  • Key word reading handouts for parents for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 
  • End of year expectations for literacy (reading and writing) for years 1-6 
  • Recommended reading book lists for Foundation - Year 6  


Reading Spines

Each class has a defined set of core texts. This reading spine is intended to offer our children a core bank of texts that ensures they experience a range of high quality texts and authors during their time at school. Teachers use these in a range of ways, as whole class texts to share, during VIPERS sessions, as part of their literacy schemes and in connection with our topics.

Word reading policy 2019-2020