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Teaching and Support Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs Nettleship 

Assistant Headteacher:


Middle Leadership Team: 

SENdCO: Miss Pearson   

EYFS Leader: Mrs Nash 


Maths Leader: Mr Vickers                                               

English Leader: Mr Hardwick

Phonics Leader: Mrs King

Foundation Subjects Leader:



Miss Hines- Nursery 

Mrs Nash - Class 1 (Geography Leader) 

Miss Morris- Class 2 

Miss Pearson - Class 3 

Mrs King -  Class 4 (History Leader)

Miss Parkin- Class 5 (Life Lesson Leader)

Mr  Hardwick - Class 6 

Mrs Draijling and Mrs Wilde  - Class 7

Mr Vickers - Class 8 (Music Leader)

Miss Thistlewood - Class 9 

Miss Boon - French teacher/Leader




Mrs Hinchliffe - (R.E./values/wider curriculum coordinator)

Mr Hanson - (Art Leader)

Miss Dixon (P.E. Leader and Sport)

Mrs Hales-Beck (French Leader) 

Mr Mosley


Parent Support Advisors:

Mrs Sowerby

Learning Mentor and Attendance Officer:

Miss Priestley


Office Staff:

Mrs Sturrock

Miss Thornton 


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Lawrence

Miss Haigh

Mrs Portman

Miss Edwards

Ms Oldham

Mrs Hayes

Mrs Hinchliffe

Miss Goldthorpe

Miss Gracie

Mrs Gough 

Miss Walton



Mrs Hayes

Mrs Gough

Miss Thornton

Mrs Robinson

Mrs Cosgrove

Mrs Bailey

Mrs Lingwood

Mrs Hinchliffe

Miss Walton