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Teaching and Support Staff


Head Teacher: Ms Jo Lancett 


Assistant Headteacher: Miss Kayleigh Fisher

SENdCO: Miss Brooke Pearson   

EYFS Leader: Mrs Laura Nash 

Maths Leaders: Mrs Kelly Wright                                                                                                                                    

English Leader: Miss Leanne Hall

Foundation Subjects Leader: Miss Kayleigh Fisher




Miss Aimee O'Brien- Nursery (Pupil Leadership Co-ordinator)

Mrs Laura Nash - Class 1 

Miss Lindsey Smith (Music Leader)

Miss Leanne Hall - Class 2 

Miss Brooke Pearson - Class 3 

Mrs Sam King -  Class 4 (Geography Leader)

Miss Hannah McNaught- Class 5 (History Leader)

Mrs Kelly Wright - Class 6 

Mrs Joanne Bradshaw - Class 7 (D.T. and R.E. Leader)

Miss Hannah Coe - Class 8 (Music Leader)

Miss Kayleigh Fisher- Class 9 (P.E. and Computing Leader)

Mrs Beth Smith - Class 9 (Science Leader)

Miss Lauren Boon - French teacher / leader





Mrs Jo Hinchliffe - (R.E./values/wider curriculum coordinator)

Mr Richard Hanson - (Art and D.T. Leader)

Miss Chloe Dixon (Sport)

Miss Hayley Gracie (Staff and Pupil well being)


Parent Support Advisor


Mrs Christine Sowerby (Life Lessons Leader)


Office Staff:

Mrs Clare Sturrock


Teaching Assistants:


Mrs Natasha Lawrence

Miss Nina Haigh

Mrs Elizabeth Portman

Miss Hayley Edwards

Ms Cheryl Oldham

Mrs Joy Hayes

Mrs Susan Lodge

Mrs Laura Hinchliffe

Miss Sarah Goldthorpe



Joy Hayes

Lyn Gough

Louisa Thornton

Anita Robinson

Elizabeth Cosgrove

Helen Bailey

Lisa Lingwood

Laura Hinchliffe

Natalie Walton